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Magnetic Therapy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q What is magnetic therapy?
Q Is magnetic therapy safe?
Q Does magnetic therapy have any side effects?
Q How long has magnetic therapy been in use?
Q How does magnetic therapy work?
Q Is magnetic therapy an officially recognized alternative health treatment?
Q Does magnetic therapy use the same magnetic fields as power lines?
Q How effective is magnetic therapy?
Q What determines the effectiveness of a magnetic therapy product?
Q What is gauss rating and why are there so many different ones?
Q Is gauss rating a good indicator of how effective a product will be?
Q I have seen products on websites with gauss ratings of up to 280,000. Is that possible?
Q What is penetration depth and is it important?
Q What makes Healthcare4 products more effective than others?
Q What professional credentials does Healthcare4 have?
Q How long do Healthcare4 magnets last?
Q Where are Healthcare4 products made?
Q Will Healthcare4 magnetic therapy products work for me?
Q How do I obtain the best results from magnetic therapy?
Q How quickly will magnetic therapy work?
Q When should I stop using magnetic therapy?
Q How does magnetic therapy assist healing of injuries?
Q Can magnetic fields penetrate bone?
Q How does magnetic therapy provide back pain relief?
Q How does magnetic therapy reduce joint pain?
Q How does magnetic therapy improve sleep?
Q Do you offer products that can be used in a wheelchair?
Q Can I use magnets if I am pregnant?
Q Can magnets affect surgical pins or plates?
Q I where orthodic shoes. Will magnetic insoles still work for me?
Q Can I wear a our support or pad over my clothes?
Q Can I exercise while wearing a our support?
Q Can I use a heating pad or electric blanket with magnetic therapy?