Could Red Light Therapy Be The Answer To Your Weight Loss Woes

Could Red Light Therapy Be The Answer To Your Weight Loss Woes?

How long have you been struggling to lose weight? Have you finally given up hope on ever reaching your desired weight? When it comes to battling the bulge, there are literally dozens of different techniques and remedies you can use, but there are few that are more effective than red light therapy. So how exactly does red light therapy work, and could it be the answer to your weight loss woes? Let’s take a closer look at this revolutionary way to shed pounds and see if it’s right for you!

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Can red light really help you lose weight?

Several recent studies have found that exposure to red light—in particular, using an LED light-emitting diode (LED) device—can accelerate weight loss in a matter of weeks. These devices could be an effective alternative for people who are trying to lose weight but are concerned about invasive or lengthy surgeries. Yet while more and more evidence shows that red light therapy is indeed effective, it may not be right for everyone. Here’s what you need to know about whether red light can help you lose weight and how you can use it safely.

Evra Red Light Therapy devices emit red and near-infrared (NIR) light that is naturally emitted by the sun. In targeted doses, they have a healing effect on the body.

What you need to know about red light therapy

A growing number of professionals agree that using red light therapy for weight loss can be beneficial. Although it is widely considered as an alternative treatment method, there are many who attest to its power. But what exactly is red light therapy and how does it work? Below we will look at everything you need to know about using red light for weight loss!

Does it work for weight loss and how long will it take?

Until more research is done, there’s no way to definitively say that red light therapy will help you lose weight. However, one thing is for sure – it won’t cause you any harm! Some people do report improvements in their weight loss, belly bulge & reduce cellulite after using these types of therapies, which can make someone feel more confident about themselves.

Red light therapy reduce a belly bulge

If you’re tired of your love handles and belly bulge, red light therapy could be just what you need. This laser treatment—which is also called low-level laser therapy (LLLT)—promotes weight loss and fights cellulite by stimulating collagen production. LLLT increases blood flow to adipose (fat) tissue, which helps reduce fat storage in a specific area. Unlike regular exercise or dieting, which requires sustained effort over time to achieve results, LLLT can help you drop up to 10 pounds in one month with no effort! All you have to do is sit back and relax for 20 minutes each day while red light touches your problem areas.

Red light therapy tighten lax skin on the abdomen

Red light therapy or photobiomodulation is a relatively new medical treatment that is used to treat a number of conditions and relieve pain and inflammation. When applied directly to damaged skin, red light can help restore skin tone and tighten lax skin, making it an excellent treatment for women looking to reduce scars, stretch marks, cellulite or wrinkles. Results vary depending on how long you’ve had your injury or condition but most people start seeing results after just a few treatments. And unlike invasive plastic surgery procedures like liposuction or tummy tucks, red light therapy has virtually no downtime so you can get back to living your life sooner! Best of all—it’s safe!

Red light therapy reduce stretch marks

A study published in 2010 in Dermatologic Surgery found that applying red light to stretch marks every three days significantly reduced their appearance after four weeks. Seven out of 10 women who applied red light saw a 50 percent reduction in stretch marks at four weeks, and nine out of 10 reported a significant improvement. Better yet, results were still visible nine months later when researchers repeated measurements. Anecdotal evidence from dermatologists seems to support these findings: One told Prevention that more than half of her patients who undergo intense pulsed light (IPL) for other skin problems see improvement in stretch marks, too.

Red light therapy reduce cellulite

While much more research is needed, early studies suggest that red light therapy may help reduce cellulite. Some studies indicate that exposing skin to infrared red light can stimulate fibroblasts (connective tissue cells) to produce collagen. Collagen helps promote skin elasticity and gives your skin a plumper, smoother appearance. Red light also appears to help some people with chronic pain conditions such as tendinitis and bursitis (inflammation of one or more tendons), carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis by increasing circulation in affected areas and decreasing swelling.

Red light therapy reduce a double chin

Take a look at your face in profile. Are you happy with how it looks from that angle? Most people have a problem area—usually on one side of their chin or neck. Not only does it give them an unflattering appearance, but unsightly double chins are also often linked to aging skin, crepey and sagging. A double chin is actually made up of fat tissue and muscle tissue, which overlaps to form an excess fold underneath your jawline. Over time, gravity causes that fold to hang lower as more fat accumulates behind it (and no amount of weight loss can change that). But there may be hope for those who don’t want to lose any more weight!

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